Draft of Song Sheet

We are putting the finishing touches now on a new song sheet for use in worship. Here’s what the song sheet itself says about its purpose and use:

This is a very personal collection of the songs beloved by those at Epiphany but not available in the Episcopal Hymnal. There are songs in this collection that some of us adore, and there are also songs here that some of us detest. Because we are in community, we celebrate that the hymn we detest may be the one that opens heaven’s door for the person singing next to us, so we endeavor to sing it humbly, joyfully, and lovingly. As we change, and as members come and go, we hope and expect this collection will change too.

Here’s a draft of our song sheet – December 2012

Look it over. As you do, think about these questions:
1. Is it complete, or are there songs I love to use in worship that still don’t appear here or in the Episcopal Hymnal?
2. Is it accurate, or does it contain errors of spelling or word choice that need to be corrected before we print?
3. Is it appropriate, or are there songs on it that simply should not be part of our hymnody?
4. Is it the right way to sing, or is it important to have musical notes as well?

Please pass your thoughts along to song sheet editor Lee Borden, to Father Arnold, or to a member of the vestry. We don’t have a printing date set; we thought it more important to do it right than to do it fast.

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