Epiphany Fire Procedures

Evacuate and report!

If you become aware of a fire and believe you are safe in dealing with it, use a nearby fire extinguisher. If at any point you doubt whether it is safe to address the fire, get out.

Look around and see if there are those who need assistance to exit safely. Once clear of the building and in a safe location, call 9-1-1 from a cell phone to report the emergency. Stay well clear of the building, but remain in the area so you can tell firefighters where the fire is and what kind of fire it is. They will waste valuable time if they must search for it without guidance.

• Take ALL fire alarms seriously and leave the building immediately. Do not stop.
• Feel door handles. If they are warm, do not open them. Find another way out of the room. If you can’t get out, signal for help.
• Close doors behind you.
• When there is smoke, stay low where the air is cleaner and cooler.
• Always use the closest exit or stairway.
• If the alarm is on your way out, pull it.
• Once outside, do not go back in.
• If your clothes are on fire, stop, drop, and roll.
• Quickly cool any burns with water and seek medical attention.

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