Epiphany News

Discovering Discipleship

For six weeks beginning Sunday morning, September 10, at 9:00 am, Leigh Warren will lead us on a journey through discipleship, using as her principal resource The Cost of Discipleship, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Join us in the nave, beginning with a continental breakfast courtesy of Father Wells.

Here are the readings we will explore each week, but Leigh insists that we should plan to come and take part even if we have not been able to read the assigned chapters for that week.


Vestry Leadership for 2017

At their Vestry Meeting this week, Vestry members chose the following leaders for 2017:

  • Mike Harber will serve as Senior Warden
  • Jimmy Weldon will serve as Junior Warden
  • Mike Rallo will serve as SWEEPS chair for Stewardship
  • Father Wells will serve as SWEEPS chair for Worship
  • Jean Kerr will serve as SWEEPS chair for Education
  • Mike Harber will serve as SWEEPS chair for Evangelism
  • Kay Dickey will serve as SWEEPS chair for Pastoral Care
  • Jimmy and Betty Weldon will serve as SWEEPS co-chairs for Service

Congratulations – and a big THANK YOU – to all those serving in our leadership for 2017!

Three New Vestry Members

Congratulations to our three new vestry members elected Sunday, who take office immediately:

  • Kay Dickey
  • Jean Kerr
  • Mike Rallo

And congratulations and a hearty thank you to the three vestry members stepping down at the end of 2016:

  • Lee Borden
  • Mike Dickey
  • Hugh Thompson

With these changes, our vestry is now composed of the following persons:

  • Kay Dickey
  • Elizabeth Harber, Clerk
  • Mike Harber, Senior Warden
  • Jean Kerr
  • Maurice McCord
  • Mike Rallo
  • Father Wells Warren, Priest
  • Betty Weldon, Treasurer
  • Jimmy Weldon, Junior Warden
  • Michael Williams

At its next meeting, the vestry will decide who should be the senior warden and junior warden during 2017.

Special Report on Recycling at Epiphany

Epiphany is fortunate to be selected as a collection site for the Elmore County recycling program.  Our receptacle is located midway back on the far right side of the church property, near the utility shed.  We encourage all members of Epiphany to contribute to recycling rather than the landfill.  Items need not be separated.

Accepted Materials
Paper (shredded paper must be bagged)
Plastics 1 & 2
Tin Cans

Materials NOT Accepted

Elmore County asks that NO food or medical waste be included.  So rinse out those cans and scrape food off pizza boxes prior to depositing in the bin.

How you can help:
For plastic containers–if in doubt–check the bottom for the #1 or #2.
Most plastic water bottles as well as milk, juice, soft drink, and ice tea containers are recyclable, as are the Sam’s Club clear plastic cups we use for refreshments.  Many deli containers for snacks, cakes, cookies, etc. are eligible, but not all…so check for the #1 or #2. It helps if you can take time to remove and discard caps and rinse out bottles before adding them to the bin.

Aluminum cans may go into the large bin, but Jimmy Weldon heads up a special program for exchanging aluminum for cash, which goes into Epiphany’s coffers.  So please consider separating your aluminum and making arrangements to get those items to Jimmy.  We have two receptacles in the rear of the Little House, one of which is for aluminum only. Please DO NOT include tin or steel cans; those need to go into the general bin.  Typically, soft drinks and beer come in aluminum containers; canned goods are in steel.

And a special request: please be especially careful to rinse thoroughly any cans left in the aluminum can receptacle. Recently, Jimmy and Betty had to clean up a big mess caused by critters getting into unrinsed steel cans that were left in the aluminum can receptacle.

Contact information:
Richie Beyer, Elmore County recycling director:  334-398-3325

Respectfully submitted,
Amanda W. Borden


SWEEPS Report for Worship 2016

Worship of God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—is the central focus of our parish church. We gather each Sunday morning at 10:30 am for Holy Eucharist using the Book of Common Prayer and the 1982 Hymnal. When Father Wells is away, we read Morning Prayer.

There are special services and events throughout the church year, as well. Epiphany Sunday is a time for festive worship, the all member meeting, and a potluck luncheon in the Little House. We also celebrate the Transfiguration, the Presentation, All Saints, Saint Francis of Assisi, Christ the King, Christmas Eve, Pentecost, Palm
Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter Day with joy. We observe Ash Wednesday and Good Friday with appropriate solemnity. In 2016, we have celebrated two marriages and buried six members of the congregation.

Our parish church is blessed with an active laity, people who are willing and able to assist in worship as ushers, lay readers, lay Eucharistic ministers, stewards, and musicians. Our altar guild also does a wonderful job. All this good work is organized by Lee Borden and available on the church web site.

The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany is a healthy parish church of about 60 baptized members. We stand firmly in the Anglican tradition of “Broad Church,” a middle way between severe evangelicalism and extreme ritualism. We have wonderful music, thanks to our pianist and violinist, Esther Hart; and the fine voices of our congregational singing. For the past three years, Epiphany has sponsored “Handel’s Messiah,” a community event welcoming area singers and musicians to take part in a Sunday afternoon concert in the Season of Advent.

We have a grand piano which is kept in good condition and tuned regularly. There is no identified need for other instruments besides the violin of Esther Hart and the stringed instruments of our congregation for Saint Francis’s outdoor bluegrass eucharist, held in concert with the “Blessing of the Animals.”

Respectfully submitted,
The Rev. Dr. John Wells Warren, Priest

SWEEPS Report on Education for 2016

Most of our Sunday School lessons have been taught either by Father Wells or by church members. Most lessons are discussion format. They begin at 9:30 am and are usually complete by 10:15 or so.

This year, for the first time, we have begun tracking attendance at Sunday School. Attendance has ranged from a low of six persons to a high of 14. You can see the attendance at Sunday School each week here on Epiphany’s web site.

The vestry member responsible for education will be rotating off the vestry this year, so leadership of education will shift to a new person.

Respectfully submitted,
Lee Borden

SWEEPS Reports for 2016

What a delightful Epiphany we had Sunday! Great worship, beautiful music, delicious food and wine, and an inspiring churchwide meeting. Epiphany is a fun place to be!

Our ministries are organized using the SWEEPS acronym: Service, Worship, Evangelism, Education, Pastoral Care, and Stewardship. So far we have written reports to post for the following ministries:

We’ll add other reports as we receive them.

Evangelism Report for 2016

Here’s the Evangelism Report for 2016. Thanks, Hugh!

The Greeters and Ushers are doing an excellent job in welcoming everyone and are extremely helpful in getting the very important contact information for visitors so that we can follow up with emails. As a result, we have been able to prepare a Church Photo Directory of the Epiphany Family with the outstanding efforts of Elizabeth Harbor. What we need now is a very nice, small handout that visitors can take home to remind them of what a great little church we are.
Esther Hart is an outstanding pianist and violinist. From her preludes, the hymns that we sing, and her closing postludes, she makes Epiphany a wonderful place to worship!
We do an outstanding job in welcoming and embracing newcomers. Father Wells sets the standard. He knows your name from your initial introduction to communion; he knows your name forever! The congregation follows his standard and it is like the old TV Show Cheers “Everybody Knows Your Name”! Keep up the good work!
The special church dinners prepared by the ladies and men of the church are always wonderful and enjoyable. Foyer Dinners and House Blessings have been wonderful this year! These are special events in our church life and are a wonderful time to connect more closely with our church family. Hopefully they will continue! Lee Borden does a great job with the Epiphany Website, and everyone is encouraged to view the website weekly and proved updates and suggestions to him.
The Annual Blessing of the Animal Service and Handel’s Messiah were the two annual events that we held this year. The Vestry discussed a number of ideas and proposals for event evangelism this year, but no actions were taken or adopted.
We need significant improvement in our efforts for Church growth! We need more members, including younger families. This includes having the ability to offer nursery care for small children, vacation bible school in summers, etc. We need a dedicated budget for this area. Our goal should be to have, within 2-3 years, more families in Church service on Sunday morning than we have on Saturdays for Beans and Rice. The Congregation’s support and suggestions are needed and welcomed!
Respectfully Submitted,
Hugh Thompson, Vestry Member

We’re getting prayed over!

Each week during worship, we remember other churches and ministries of the Episcopal Church within the Alabama Diocese. Those names are provided to us by the diocese as part of a Cycle of Prayer. Over the course of a year, we will pray for every Episcopal church and ministry in Alabama.

It only stands to reason, then, that once a year, everybody else must be praying for us. And this is the week, corresponding with Epiphany, naturally.

On Sunday, Episcopalians around Alabama will be praying for our parish right here in Tallassee, along with Epiphany in Guntersville and Epiphany in Leeds. And yes, about half of them will call our little town Tallahassee, but we think God understands.

Epiphany Does Epiphany

Nobody does Epiphany quite the way Epiphany does. And why not? It’s what we’re all about. We won’t have Sunday School on January 8. Instead, we’ll all be putting the final touches on the delicious dishes we’ll be bringing to church to share. Father Wells will celebrate a Festival Holy Eucharist at 10:30 am, as we mark one of the oldest holidays in the liturgical year. Then we head to the Little House together.

Epiphany means “to be made manifest,” and it honors the manifestation of Jesus to Simeon in the temple as the “light to the Gentiles” and the “glory of Israel.” Luke 2:28-32. Epiphany also recognizes the end of the 12 days of Christmas and the journey of the magi to worship the newborn Christ child.

At the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, we believe Epiphany is about breakthrough moments when we humans become aware of the closeness of God, the glory of Jesus, and the divine purpose God has for our life and ministry right here in Tallassee. So when we celebrate Epiphany, we gather as a church and celebrate the year just ended and our plans for the year to come. We will elect new members to serve on the vestry for the coming year. Naturally, though, being after all Episcopalians, we will feast. We will share the bounty from our kitchens in a delicious meal to which we all contribute.

Come join us. The centerpiece is lasagna, salad, and bread. Bring a side dish, and maybe a bottle of wine to share. You don’t want to miss this!