There should be two stewards actively engaged and working together whenever either of them handles money. All stewards need to make this a priority, because it’s part of our system of financial controls. Anyone but the church treasurer can help out in a pinch, even if they are untrained and have not read any instructions.

The stewardship journal sits on the desk in the living room of the Little House. One steward counts the offering and fills out a deposit slip. The other steward fills out the stewardship journal, entering the last name of the donor from the check with the amount shown on the check. Watch closely for any “purpose” that may be written on checks, e.g., Beans & Rice, Capital Funds, etc. Enter these amounts in the appropriate column.

The total from the deposit slip and the total from the stewardship journal should match when you finish. Both stewards should sign the deposit slip and the stewardship journal. Make a copy of the deposit slip and the page from the stewardship journal and place the copies in Betty Weldon’s mailbox next to the filing cabinet. Take the deposit slip and the checks and cash to Primesouth Bank, 1217 Gilmer Avenue, and drop in the night depository.

Thank you for serving!

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