Altar Guild

The work of Altar Guild is pivotal in making the presence of Christ real in the worship experience of Epiphany. Thank you for serving!

You may set up for the Sunday service on Saturday, or before the service on Sunday morning.  If possible the work should be complete prior to 10:00 for the 10:30 service.  Items needed for setting up are located in the sacristy unless otherwise noted.

Photos from a recent Christmas Eve service:

Around the Church


During the week, the peace lilies for the altar are kept in water tubs in the office/nursery.  Bring the plants into the church, and place them on the plant stands.

Hymn Board

Numbers for the board are in a small grey index card box in the sacristy.  If you know the hymn numbers, put them on the board.  If you do not, the board should be left blank.

Seasonal Color

Check that the altar frontal, banner,  and all other paraments are correct for the season.  Place the priest’s chasuble (back uppermost) on the altar rail as shown in the photo above.


A decanter of Holy Water in the sacristy is used for refilling the font in the narthex near the entrance.

Sound System

Open doors at the back of the altar.  Turn on the power strip.

General Straightening

Gather up and discard any old bulletins, especially in the altar area.  Remove any empty water bottles.  Tidy hymn, prayer books, and kneelers in the pews.

Preparing for a Service of Holy Eucharist

image007Setting Up the Altar

  • candle sticks – if using oil filled, check oil
  • altar book & stand – stored below altar
  • gospel book & stand- stored below altar, faces congregation
  • frontal (color) – remains on altar
  • altar cloth (white) – replace if stained
  • corporal (square cloth)- embroidered cross toward windows

Vesting the Chalice – Silver chalice is preferred


Chalice + purificator + patten + large host + pall + veil + burse + purificator
image008 image010 image012 image014

image016Credence Table (near the altar)

  • lavabo bowl
  • lavabo towel
  • cruet (glass or pottery) filled with tap water
  • offertory baskets should be on the lower shelf

Offertory Table (near the piano in the rear of the nave)


    • cruet filled with wine – use stopper or cover with plastic wrap
    • ciborium with wafers & note of wafer count (35 is usually good)
      • the ciborium is usually stored in the refrigerator

Setting Up for Morning Prayer

Altar should be empty of everything but the altar cloth. No candles or communion elements are needed.

After the Service

Turn off sound system. Place altar books and stands on shelf under the altar.

Candlesticks and all service vessels are taken to the sacristy.

Wash, dry, and store vessels. Return ciborium to the refrigerator.

Tidy up the altar area – remove bulletins and water bottles.

Return plants to the watering tubs. Add about 3” of water to each tub.

Take all used altar linens home with you and clean them gently.   Press but do not use starch.

Return clean linens to the church as soon as you can.

Thank you again for the crucial service you perform at Epiphany!

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