Thanks for volunteering to provide refreshments at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany. Here’s a description of the duties we ask you to perform.

First a note about scale: these are refreshments. We do not expect, and you should not feel compelled to provide, a full noonday meal. Feel free to keep it simple. Bring your refreshments (including something to drink) to the Little House before worship begins and secure them there. Begiinning on what you plan to serve, you may need to leave Worship a few minutes early so you have everything ready for people to enjoy when they walk over after the service.

When people have finished eating and all the garbage is in the cans, place it in the dumpster and roll the dumpster out to the street so it can be picked up on Monday. If the Little House needs vacuuming (it usually does after refreshments), the vacuum is in the closet on your left as you walk toward the restroom. Make sure to lock up the Little House as you leave.

Thank you for volunteering!

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