Messiah at Epiphany

handel with scoreOn December 10, Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Tallassee will host a performance of selected choruses from Messiah by G.F. Handel. There will be no advance rehearsals other than a brief warm-up and run-through an hour prior to performance.

How on earth could this sound decent with no rehearsals? Singing well-known oratorios with no rehearsal together is a beloved custom in Europe. Such a performance requires that each musician take seriously the process of learning the music well on his or her own. This is not sightreading!

When is it? December 10, 2017 at 2:00 pm. Those singing will gather at 1:00 pm to warm up and go over key passages of the oratorio.

Where is it? In the nave of Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, 2602 Gilmer Ave, Tallassee, AL 36078.

What will it cost? There’s no charge to sing. You will need to provide your own copy of the music, which is available from many churches or for purchase at (Schirmer Edition).

What choruses will be performed?
* Number 1 (overture – no singing)
* Number 4 – “And the Glory of the Lord”
* Number 9 – “O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion”
* Number 12 – “For Unto Us a Child Is Born”
* Number 17 – “Glory to God”
* Number 44 – “Hallelujah!”

What should I wear? Sunday or business casual clothing. Most important: comfortable shoes, as we will stand to perform.

Can I just come and listen? Yes!

Do I need to be a church member? Absolutely not. This is open to all.

Will there be a director? You bet your peppermint stick. We are delighted to welcome Tallassee’s own Jerry Cunningham as our guest director for Messiah. Thank you, Mr. C!

How should I prepare?

Go through your music and learn your part completely before the big day. Clip the pages between the choruses so you won’t need to flip through pages while we sing together.

If you would like to use a recording, we recommend this version available on Amazon. Or you could access the free midi files available from

How do I sign up? Send an e-mail message to Amanda Borden ( at Epiphany.

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