Three New Vestry Members

Congratulations to our three new vestry members elected Sunday, who take office immediately:

  • Kay Dickey
  • Jean Kerr
  • Mike Rallo

And congratulations and a hearty thank you to the three vestry members stepping down at the end of 2016:

  • Lee Borden
  • Mike Dickey
  • Hugh Thompson

With these changes, our vestry is now composed of the following persons:

  • Kay Dickey
  • Elizabeth Harber, Clerk
  • Mike Harber, Senior Warden
  • Jean Kerr
  • Maurice McCord
  • Mike Rallo
  • Father Wells Warren, Priest
  • Betty Weldon, Treasurer
  • Jimmy Weldon, Junior Warden
  • Michael Williams

At its next meeting, the vestry will decide who should be the senior warden and junior warden during 2017.

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2 thoughts on “Three New Vestry Members”

  1. The first order of business during the meeting is election of three new vestry members to replace the three members who are coming to the end of their three years of vestry service.

    1. Good comment and actually as one of the Vestry Members going off the Vestry, I would offer the following observation. The congregation elects the vestry members and one of the first orders of business is the election of the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden, followed an individual vestry members selecting an area of vestry focus. Epiphany has adopted the SWEEPS Vestry model which has a vestry member responsible for each of the following areas: Service, Worship, Education, Evangelism, Pastoral Care, and Stewardship. Of course the first order of business is the Call to Worship with an opening prayer.
      Thanks for your comment and observation and I hope that you can join us one Sunday soon.
      Peace ht

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