Special Report on Recycling at Epiphany

Epiphany is fortunate to be selected as a collection site for the Elmore County recycling program.  Our receptacle is located midway back on the far right side of the church property, near the utility shed.  We encourage all members of Epiphany to contribute to recycling rather than the landfill.  Items need not be separated.

Accepted Materials
Paper (shredded paper must be bagged)
Plastics 1 & 2
Tin Cans

Materials NOT Accepted

Elmore County asks that NO food or medical waste be included.  So rinse out those cans and scrape food off pizza boxes prior to depositing in the bin.

How you can help:
For plastic containers–if in doubt–check the bottom for the #1 or #2.
Most plastic water bottles as well as milk, juice, soft drink, and ice tea containers are recyclable, as are the Sam’s Club clear plastic cups we use for refreshments.  Many deli containers for snacks, cakes, cookies, etc. are eligible, but not all…so check for the #1 or #2. It helps if you can take time to remove and discard caps and rinse out bottles before adding them to the bin.

Aluminum cans may go into the large bin, but Jimmy Weldon heads up a special program for exchanging aluminum for cash, which goes into Epiphany’s coffers.  So please consider separating your aluminum and making arrangements to get those items to Jimmy.  We have two receptacles in the rear of the Little House, one of which is for aluminum only. Please DO NOT include tin or steel cans; those need to go into the general bin.  Typically, soft drinks and beer come in aluminum containers; canned goods are in steel.

And a special request: please be especially careful to rinse thoroughly any cans left in the aluminum can receptacle. Recently, Jimmy and Betty had to clean up a big mess caused by critters getting into unrinsed steel cans that were left in the aluminum can receptacle.

Contact information:
Richie Beyer, Elmore County recycling director:  334-398-3325

Respectfully submitted,
Amanda W. Borden


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