The Feast of St Francis and Blessing of the Animals

141005 blessing of the animals 1 for siteYou won’t want to miss the outdoor folk Mass this Sunday, October 4 at 10:30 am. Look for the tent on your right as you drive in. And if you see Jody Jeffcoat of Jeffcoat Funeral Home, tell him thank you for setting up one of his tents for us.

Epiphany will celebrate the Feast of St Francis, which falls this year on the Sunday itself. And of course, in keeping with our tradition, Father Wells invites everyone to bring animals to bless. Lots of the Epiphany folk will bring their dogs, of course. Andy and Betty Stricker will load up trailers for the trek to church; they’re planning to bring their two goats and their tiny horse. So everyone can prepare, there will be no Sunday School this Sunday.

If you cannot bring your pet, feel free to pack a favorite toy, feeding bowl, or other article for Father Wells to bless. We think God understands.

Laura and Michael Williams will not be bringing Piggy this year. At 80 pounds, she’s a little heavy to pick up. Piggy has always had a stubborn streak, and now she has the girth to back it up! Piggy’s loss is Henry’s gain, though. The Williams’ dog will be coming instead.

If you play an instrument, bring it to help with the music. Father Wells says everything’s in G so you only need to play three chords, G, C, and D. Dress for comfort and bring refreshments to serve in the Little House right after the service.

And if you have an extra leash, throw it in the car in case visitors arrive without.

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