Names of Our Departed Saints

We will commemorate All Saints Day on November 3, and we will call out the names of those dear to us who have died. Here is our list based on submissions so far. Please check me for spelling and let me know what names we need to add.

Margie Abbott
John H Austin
Maude Beatty
John Borden
Winifred Borden
Ondi Cain
Adam Davis
Joli Davis
Ronnie Duck
Imogene Eaton
Pauladene Edwards
Fred Evans
Darrell Guilliams
Pat E Harper , Sr
Stanley Harper
Alice Haynie
Fancher Haynie
Jack Heil
Vina Hembree
Alice Henderson
Floyd Horn
Harold Johnson
Kenny Keck
Paul Kerr
Beverly Knighten
Denise Mote
Buddy Oliver
Larry Oliver
Sherry Palmer
Mike Phillips
Robert Phillips
Ann Rand
April Rand
Joe and Celia Rand
Ronnie Ryder
June Soan Sims
Betty Somerset
Clyde Somerset
Michael Stewart
James Taylor
Frank Gordon Tucker
Lisa Hargrove Wallace
Ann Warlick
Katie Warren
Julian Welch
Wallace Welch
Harold Weldon
Mary Ellen Weldon
Dorothy S Whitehurst
George D Wilkinson
Gene Ronald Williams
Maldon Williamson
Warren Williamson

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