Are We Hurt Because We Have No Organ?

I found this piece in the Episcopal Cafe interesting and relevant to us: Is Organ Music Killing Our Churches? My instinct is to side with those commenters who believe the answer is much more complicated, but it is poignant to read of churches that have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in an instrument whose regular use may actually depress attendance.

Amanda and I were members for three decades of a church where congregational singing was forever difficult because the nave was acoustically dead, so I can tell you that the acoustic sweetness of our nave is a HUGE help for our congregational singing. Another is the ethic in our congregation that starts with our knowledge that we are our own choir and it’s up to us, and finishes with “hey, this is fun.” It also helps that we have a pianist with magnificent talent, deep and sure faith, and a servant’s approach to liturgy. Caleb, you are a treasure!

All that having been said, it’s always appropriate for us to remain open to new ways to bring drama and poetry to our worship. Do you know of ways to improve our music? Don’t be bashful; tell us about them. Tell Father Arnold, or tell one of the vestry members, or tell me. We all want to make worship at Epiphany stronger.

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