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This Week’s

Mentoring Faith Development

Session Description

There’s more to developing faith than listening to
sermons and reading a book. And though there’s been a lot of talk about
mentoring for spiritual development, there’s a paucity of how-to information.
In this episode, Drs. Bill and Kris tackle the tough task of helping faith take
root and bloom.

Session Outline

By and large, many (if not most) church members are
unsatisfied with the depth of their spirituality – they’ve “stalled”
(according to the Reveal study by Willow Creek Association

  • But
    there is no easy solution … no magic pill
  • Willow
    Creek concluded that spiritually hungry people “need to feed
  • But
    that’s the very issue … this suggests that spiritually hungry people can
    “feed themselves”

But faith development is not a solo journey – it
virtually never happens alone

Developing faith is not just learning “about”
Jesus, God, theology, spiritual disciplines, etc.

How can you measure if faith is developing?

  • Changes
    in behavior
  • Changes
    in worldview
  • Changes
    in thoughts

Faith development comes only through practice … the
doing, not just the learning

Mentoring Faith Development

  • Start
    with the mentors (i.e., start with yourself)
  • Every
    mentor needs (1) a mentor; and (2) an mentee

Step 1

  • There
    must be a willingness to submit
    • Submit
      ≠ doormat or unthinking puppet
    • Submit
      = willing to be led (to be teachable and coachable)

Step 2

  • There
    must be a willingness to practice
    • Practice
      = doing something over and over – get the spiritual muscles in shape

Step 3

  • There
    must be a mentor
    • Best
      mentor is someone mentee respects
      • Children
        and youth: The next age group
      • Adults:
        Someone with demonstrated fruit and perceived wisdom

Step 4

  • There
    must be a plan (something to practice)
    • Can
      be formal or informal

The Five Core Personal Faith Development Practices

  • Scripture
    Reading and Reflection
  • Prayer:
    both talking and listening
  • Encouraging
    One Another
  • Intentional
    Serving in Jesus’ Name
  • Faith

Practical Faith Application

  • Adopting
    and asking behavioral accountability questions
    • Neil
      Cole. Cultivating a Life for God
    • Bill
      Tenny-Brittian. High-Voltage Spirituality

Formal Mentoring Process

  • Intentional
    and regular time together
  • Life
  • Accountability
  • Skill
    introduction (when needed)
  • Set
  • Practice

Informal Mentoring Process

In passing, in a small group, one-on-one, etc. ask one of
the five

Discipleship Development Questions:

  1. What have you read in scripture this
    week that intrigued you?
  2. What have you heard from God in your
    quiet time this week – and what are you going to do about it?
  3. Who have you encouraged in the faith
    this week?
  4. Whose life did you touch in Jesus’ name
    this week?
  5. How have you shared your faith this week
    and what was the result?

Discussion Questions

  1. Are you satisfied with your spiritual
    life? Why or why not?
  2. What have you done to try and deepen
    your spiritual life? Has it been successful?
  3. How could a spirituality mentor (or
    partner or friend) be helpful in faith development?
  4. Which of the Discipleship Development
    Questions do you most need to hear each week?


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