Okay, we’re having some fun now. I’ve added a forum to the site so we can all visit with each other in real time. You’ll see the link on the left hand side; just click on the word “Forum” or click on this link. You can read everything that’s there (right now only my first welcome post) without registering, but to post or reply to a post, you’ll need to register.

You’ll also see that I’ve added several pages describing tasks that need to be performed at the church and all linking to that VolunteerSpot site. I’d love to know what experience you have with it. To use a geek term, please regard everything here as if it were in “beta” form right now. That means it’s important that you use it so you can spot problems with it but that it’s not quite ready for prime time, so you probably will encounter little (or big) glitches as you use it. Just make sure you let me know when you encounter those glitches so we can figure out together how to fix them. Thanks!


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