I’m beginning to include some links on the site to a web service called VolunteerSpot.com so we can all see how it would function. If it works the way I hope, we’ll all be able to sign up for things like ushering, lay reader, nursery, and refreshments using the web service. The nice thing about it is that we’ll sign up for what we really want to do, and we’ll each get an e-mail reminder as the date approaches so we’ll be more likely to remember our commitments.

I hope you’ll play with the links and tinker around with it, because it will be helpful for us to know how it’s working and whether you find it easy to use. However, I don’t consider the VolunteerSpot.com system “live” yet, and I hope you won’t either. For the time being, let’s continue with the system already in place. If we decide to change to VolunteerSpot, I’m sure you’ll be hearing about it. Thanks!


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