Transition Plans

This is a quick summary for our transition plans in the wake of Father Larry’s departure. Charles Womelsdorf has graciously agreed to officiate at our worship for our services today, August 21, and August 28. For Sundays following, the Vestry is working closely with Pat Wingo, the Deployment Officer for the Alabama Diocese. There may be a Sunday here or there on which we will have Morning Prayer (that is, without a priest), but Pat has assured us that these Sundays will be isolated.

Pat is due to meet with the Vestry later this month to discuss the procedure for the transition. We hope to report here as much of that conversation as possible under the circumstances. Pending that conversation, it’s encouraging to see members of the parish swinging into action to fill voids as they become evident. A special thanks to Betty Weldon for working (in close consultation with Charles Womelsdorf) to design and print our worship bulletins.

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